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2/26/20 Site Overhaul - What was that? Neumorphism is the neu thing?
12/22/19 Updated Conway's GoL - Added some small demo features.
10/26/19 Added Maze Generation - Visuals are generated by the recursive backtracking approach.
8/14/19 Added Gravity - Who cares about the real gravitational constant?
8/7/19 Added Raycasting - Who is Ray, and what is he casting?
8/1/19 Updated Jumper - More polished visuals, better controls (and ducking!), better collisions!
7/31/19 Added Circle Packing - Watch circles compete for a home!
7/30/19 Added Flocking - Rainbow birds. Shoutout to Craig Reynolds.
7/30/19 Updated Conway's GoL - Added a help menu and updated the visuals.
7/29/19 Added Quadtree Collisions - A particle system using a Quadtree implementation to detect collisions.
7/26/19 Site Overhaul - New logo by Hunter Wanser, mobile version, all-around nicer formatting!
7/23/19 Updated Roy G. Biv - No longer a flashing technicolor eyesore!
7/15/19 Added Jumper - Something something dinosaur game something something.
7/11/19 Updated Snake - Bug fixes, graphical updates, tentative high score system.
7/4/19 Added Fireworks - A 4th of July special.
7/3/19 Added Pathfinding - A rudimentary pathfinding demo... for now.
6/28/19 Updated Cosmic Particles - Attractors, repulsors, and more, oh my!
6/21/19 Overhauled Exploding Particles - Now with a nice shiny interface to change physics!
6/9/19 Added Cosmic Particles - A particle system with rainbows! Inspired by Cosmic Sugar VR.
5/7/19 Added Dodgewall - A simple "avoider" game, don't touch the oncoming walls.
4/4/19 Minor update to Space Intruders - player speed should now scale along with alien speed.
4/4/19 Updated Rainbow Coil - Completely reworked the demo, spheres now have trails and the name is more fitting.
4/3/19 Added Rainbow Coil - Intended to make Planets 3D, created this serendipitously.
4/1/19 Added Party Spheres - A beginner's foray into 3d primitives and WEBGL.
3/20/19 Fixed Snake bug which caused you to collide with yourself when quickly doing a u-turn.
3/20/19 Added changelog.